Unit conversion from KG to Pcs issue.

Hi All,

when user try to start a Production order, system will pop up a unit conversion from KG to PCS does not exist error. I check on the item type and it was a service with default inventory as PCS.

Production finish goods as KG but previously we didn’t need to do the unit conversion and I check back other Production order also can’t find the different.

Can someone help me.

What is the unit of measure of the item in the BOM line, not the default inventory uom on the item record?


Thanks Adam for your reply.

For example: A is the BOM item is having BOM, Inventory, Purchase and Sales units as KG in Item master. This BOM item is having 2 line items (X and Y). X item is of item type Service with BOM, Inventory, Purchase and Sales units as PCS and same PCS unit is in BOM LINEs and other item Y is a BOM item which is in KG as a unit in BOM LINES and same units in Item master as well. This Y BOM item is having 1 line item that is Z. Z item is having a unit as KG in BOM, Inventory, Purchase but in Sales unit it is blank for this item.

Is this Z item - sales unit is not mentioned as KG, is it causing problem. Please guide me.

I would not have thought the sales unit is causing the issue, but you are now saying that Y is a referenced production order? The only two units you need to look at are the inventory unit of the item and the unit on the BOM line. I would get a developer to debug it and tell me why the message is being called.