UNIT codes

Hi there.

I’m all new to this forum, so please have patience.

Can anyone help me with some international unit codes.
I have all codes in danish but want to go international.

DK Code Int. Code English Polish Danish

DS - Canister - Dåse

DUNK - Can - Dunk

FL - Bottle - Flaske

KG KG Kilogram - Kilogram

KM KM Kilometer - Kilometer

KS - Box - Kasse

M M Meter - Meter

M2 M2 Square meter - Kvadratmeter

PERS - Person - Person

PK - Package - Pakke

PS - Bag - Pose

RL - Roll - Rulle

RUM - Room - Rum

STK - Piece - Styk

SÆT - Set - Sæt

TIM H Hour - Time

TN BL Barrel - Tønde


Kurt Lindholm

Only metric(SI) and Imperial Units have commonly agreed codes - most of units you have left empty in your table Int.Code column are not standard in either system, so you are free to use your own word or meaningful abbreviation which you (and your partners) can understand. Depending of your business, there may be a great amount of these special Units.

Standartized are Weight, Area, Volume, Length etc Units, but you may need Pcs(peaces), Pair which actually doesn’t belong to Count group, and Bottle may be 100ml, L, gallon, even 330ml, so be careful setting them up.