Unit-Amount Rounding Precision

Hi, folks
I have a silly question:
we would need more decimal figures in the unit price. I managed to get to the “Unit-Amount Rounding Precision” field on table 98, which in Nav 4.02 no longer is available on the G/L setup card and changed it from 0.00001 to 0.000001, restarted the client, tried to enter a sixth decimal figure in a “Unit Cost” field (it has the AutoFormatType property set to 2, I checked!) and got the message “The field can have a maximum of 5 decimal places”. [:^)]
Did I miss something?

Do the currencies match?

AutoFormatType 2 uses the “Unit-Amount Decimal Places” field from table 98.

That’s what I was missing![:$]

Thank you very much!