Unit Amount Rounding Precision

Does anyone know of potential problems or issues with changing the Unit Amount Rounding Precision (on G/L Setup) from 2 decimal places (0.01) to 5 decimal places (0.00001). This would be done on a Live system with 18 months worth of data. This would solve our Average Costing issues, but we are unaware of other potential problems.

Hi Peter, Firstly you cannot change the Unit amount rounding precission if you have open G/L entry. The rounding precission is used by more than Manufacturing alone. Each time there is a G/L transaction this field is present. You have to wait to closing of year to change the Unit amount rounding precission. What problems are you facing with the average costing, aren’t you able to post the average cost. Please mention the problems then may be we can suggest a solution to handle it. thanks, Best regards, Prashanth pbg@navilogic.com