unique list of items

I have a table of items example of contents = a b c c d d e; I need to use a Record Variable to iterate the list to produce a unique list of items. a b c d e; I do not want to use arrays nor do I want to use DataItems nor do I want to use a temp table. I would like to compare records, prev rec to current rec. Wayne.

Where do you want to produce this list? A Report, a Form, a file? Why don’t you want to use DataItems or Temp Tables?

Create a Key based on this field (I wil call it MySort) … With MyRecord do begin reset; setkey(MySort); if find('-') then repeat Setrange(MySort,MySort); FIND('+'); Setrange(MySort); // >> do your code here,, you now have a unique record Until next = 0; end;