Unique index introduced. Upgrade script required.


we are planning to upgrade from AX2012R3 to D365, for that, we are trying to resolve all the best practice errors in our AX environment. i am seeing an error “Unique index error: Unique index introduced. Upgrade script required.” on many tables this error is showing even on standard indexes. For example i have this error on SalesQuotationTable and on “SalesQuotationIdx” index. Can anyone help me how to get rid of these index errors? Thank you

Are the standard indexes modified in your environment? SalesQuotationIdx is that a custom index(we have only QuotationIdx in AX 2012 standard)

i’m sorry, it’s QuotationIdx only, it’s a standard index and we have not done any modifications on it.

The index could be different when compared to SYS and Old SYS?

yes, this index was not there in old sys layer, so this was introduced in upgrades.

What might be the issue? have we done anything wrong during our upgrade? I actually ran the below job in my test environment and this job converted unique index to non unique index.

DictIndex dictIndex = new DictIndex(
indexnum(SalesQuotationTable, Quotationidx));


Not sure how to convert this again to not to allow any duplicates? please help me!!

You can use \Classes\ReleaseUpdateDB\indexAllowNoDup to make it again unique.

Thanks Kranthi, Yes i was able to convert the index back to the unique. But anyway i’m still having the issue of “Unique index introduced. Upgrade script required.”