uninvoiced purchase receipts

we have situations whereby we get FOC goods - so we raise a FOC po and receipt the goods normally via wherehouse management. however, we never receive an invoice for these, and therefore the purchase receipts are always left not invoiced, and appear on the receipts not invoiced report. apart from raising dummy invoices, is there anyway in which we can set these receipts to invoiced? in order to process invoices, we use the get receipt lines function which leads me to another question > the purchase order number is not carried through to the posted invoice. is there anyway we can enter the purchase order number onto the unposted invoice and when we post it carries it through? thanks

A minor modification in both cases I think. If you invoice the foc receipt lines in the usual way. That will remove the receipts and remove them from the receipts not invoiced report. But it will create a zero valued invoice on the vendor ledger. The purchase order number - as you say - is not on the purchase invoice. It is however on the posted receipt. Since a purchase invoice may be for multiple recepits, and hence for more than 1 purchase order, it is logical that the purchase order number is not on the invoice. As a quick alternative when you post the invoice you could enter the PO number in the vendor invoice number or reference field. This would get the po number onto the posted invoice.