Uninstall Ax2012

Hi All,

How to uninstall ax2012, please suggest the process for uninstalling.

Thanks in advance.

Execute install in installation CD, you have the option to uninstall


no Installation CD, please is there any other way?


Ax 2012 installation page is not fully loaded, what might me the reason.

your help is appreciated.

AX has many components, the exact steps depend on which components you’re talking about. Please don’t forget to explain your particular problem next time…

Of course, it’s possible to unininstall components one by one (using Programs and Features, SSMS etc.), but it seems to me that you want an easier process, therefore use the AX uninstaller. If you don’t have installation disk, simply go and download it or ask your admin to give it to you. Be active, if you want to resolve your problem.

Thanks for your reply Martin!

I want to uninstall Ax AOS, client and want to reinstall with new database.

Is it possible to remove/uninstall by running the set up file and proceed by selecting the components.

for me the page is not loading fully. please find the screenshot,this is how I am getting.

Regarding the problem with the installer, please give us information about your system: OS, screen resolution etc.

If all what you want is to use a clean database, you don’t have to uninstall your AOS and client at all.

Nevertheless if you want, they’re just normal Windows applications, therefore you can uninstall them as usual.

The reason to uninstall and reinstall AOS with new database is, application is not responding sometimes and similar kind of issue like hang? Is it possible to uninstall by running setup file there after removing the selected components? please suggest.

RAM is 16gb

Hi All,

Resolved the Issue,

there was an issue with the set up file, extracted the set up file from the image and removed the required components.

thank you!! :slight_smile: