Does anybody know if Navision has plans to release NF version that will support Unicode ? I would like to store some information in different languages (it means different codepages) in NF database.

All versions since NF2.01 (i.e, NF2.50 & NF2.60) have multilanguage capability. (I think it was present but undocumented and unsupported in 2.01, and was officially introduced in 2.50) This means you can assign multiple captions to text boxes, etc., which change when the user changes the Windows language setting. But, NF is still basically limited to only one character set, i.e., the standard European/American roman-alphabet Windows character set. --Tim Horrigan Tim.Horrigan@emsolution.com ------- Tim Horrigan

As far as I know, there are no plans for unicode support on the current product. You’ll have to wait for the next generation.

If I undarstand we cant use multilanguage capability becouse this feauture must be included in licence. Now we do not have it. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

To Tim Horrigan: Yes you are right, the problem is with character set (active codepage). It’s not always European/American codepage however, but a codepage configured in control panel or something (in Windows NT you change this in control panel/regional settings). With Windows 2000 you are able to install support for several languages, but an application must be able to use this feature. It would be nice if Navision will implement a property for table fields or textbox controls, where developer would be able to specify, data in what language will be stored in this field or what codepage / OEM translation table will be used with this field. To Lars: Are you talking about NF 3.0 ? Edited by - Otto Dreyer on 5/7/00 12:34:17 PM

To Valentin: I can live with interface in one language, but what I want to do is to store some data (say, item names and customer names/addresses) in a couple of additional languages, including Russian. Most of my customers have Latvian codepage installed, and with this setup you cannot use Russian in Navision.

Hi Otto, I had such problem in Russia. But we change Font option of text box from Helvetica to Times New Roman and that solve the problem. Client can store information in the Russian, English and Ukrainian. Other client use Russian, English and German. Maybe font does not support all languages. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi Valentin. I think you were using regional settings = Russian. I have tried this configuration, it works, I can use Russian, English and Latvian (the only thing - for latvian fields I have to change font for non-Unicode latvian font). But when regional settings = Latvian (as with most of my customers) I cannot use Russian, I have tried all possible ways. I think the problem is latvian OEM translation table - with it one can use Latvian and English but cannot use Russian.