uneditable form ax2012

HI all,

i have 2 forms, namely master and child,

in master form i have rno,mark1,mark2 fields r thr

in child form i have rno and total avg is thr

once i entered the value in the child form avg field, thn form 1 fields shd be un editable

suggestion pls.

thanx in advance,

Hope you are using data source bounded fields, so write a query(hope both forms have different data sources) to find the avg field value related to that rno and use that value in the data source active method to make the record non-editable…

hi kranthi,

after wrttien my code in active method, its not allow me to create any new row on parent form,

thn in create method i written few lines to code to allow to create a new row, but issue not over :frowning:

in new line all the fields r non editable, in my logic i’m checking

if (avg >0)

{ tat row shd be non editable}

else (row shd be editable}

The query need to be at table, write a method at table level to return the query results and use that on active method…