Undoing Posted Purchase Receipts

Hi there… I’m working for a Navision end user. Sometimes users post and receive items on a PO by mistake. This means they then have to undo the PPR. However, sometimes this is not possible because an error message is displayed saying: “Remaining Quantity must be xx in Item Ledger Entry No.=‘xxx’.” Can anyone suggest what I can do in this situation? (I realise that it would be best if nobody posted by mistake, but I am afraid that is not going to happen overnight!) :slight_smile: Thanks in advance for you help.

[B)] That error indicates that a part (perhaps all) of that lot already has been sold. I don’t think there is any solution in standard - or is it?

No Robbie, what Anfinnur says is correct. This scenario happens when users sell waht is suppossed to arrive, even if it didn’t actually arrive. Step one is that you need to introdce some kind of contoll at the receiving end to minimize this, but I know that errors will still get through. But you problem now is even worse, because (probably) the Custoemr has now been sold goods that really never got shipped, but since they were accidently received, Navision allowed the shipment. So you need to also go and chekc if you didn’t over sell to the customer. If so then you need to first credit out the sales quantity so that you have something in stock. If this does not happen too often, then it may be just easier to make anual adjustments to the Journals, and then make financial credits to fix the purchase. Bit every case is different, and more information is needed to give a proper solution.

Thanks guys! Your help is much appreciated. I’ll see what I can do to ensure this cannot happen in future. Have a good day!