Undo Shipments

Hi All, when you are trying to do reverse the Posted DO (not Invoiced) “Undo Shipments”, I am getting an error like "YOu don’t have permission to write in Sales Delivery order line table… what could be the reason. They have return order management granule (3350).? Any other Granule Required?

Sounds like an actual permission error - can a user with SUPER rights unship?

Hi If it is not a permission issue, you might want to check that the version you are running has all the hotfixes required applied. If I remember from my experiences the undo shipment/receipt functionality in 3.60 especially had a lot of bugs and codeunits that should have had permission to modify certain tables on behalf of users, but did not [B)] and would fall down with this kind of error.

Thanks. Let me read all the hotfix and will post my results.

Thanks Edward… Hotfix for Codeunit 5813…5816 is solving the problem.