UNDO Shipment/Receipt does not work

Good morning, We have a strange problem with our customer’s license. We are using Navision 3.6 build 11353. Using a SUPER user logon, if I use the new UNDO Shipment/Receipt function we will received an error that says we have no permission to write on the Sales Delivery Order Line and Purchase Rcpt. Line Table. Does this function needs a seperate granule? Thanks.

Hi Marlon, Please apply the HotFix15.

Hi Rajesh, I thought it was Hotfix 10?

Hi Patrick, Really sorry,it’s Hotfix 10.Thanks for correcting me.

Hi all, Where are those functions are located in Navision 3.6??? Thanks

Rosine, Are you asking where the Undo Shipment and/or Undo Receipt functions are? If so, look at the Posted Shipment & Posted Receipt’s forms, and it’s an option on the Function menu button. Was this what you’re looking for?

Hi Rosine Go to the posted Shipment/Receipt - Select Functions, then Undo Receipt/Shpiment. Unless of course you mean where are the hot fixes!

Unlucky Steven, I beat you to it! He he he! [:D]

Hi Connull I clearly must have better things to do - now where did I leave them??? [:D]

Steven, You’re right. I’ve just got support issues to deal with … oh and performance analysis & optimization! [:D]