Undo Sale Order

Hi All,

Kindly help me to sort this issue,

we need to undo the posted sales order but the error message appear,

"Remaining Quantity must be 100 in item ledger entry entry no.=“588601”.

Please suggest me some ideas.



have you posted invoice also?

then you have to post a credit memo…

No i didn posted the invoice

should i have to post the credit memo against the sale order? if u don mind can u pl explain me into elaborately?

Have u posted the shipment ?

If yes then you can do the undo sales shipment.

Hi Amol.

While undoing the “Sales shipment” i’m getting the following error

Remaining qty must be 100 in the item ledger entry entry no:“588601”

Did you apply the ILE?

Is ILE open?

Is any quantity has been invoiced from that shipment?

no none of the qty has been invoiced… i have done only the shipment

You cannot undo the receipt because the system has applied an outbound entry to the related item ledger.