Undo Receipt

Hi. I want to undo a receipt. My customer has posted an purchase order as received by a mistake. However this was not discoverd after a week or so. The items have already been sold. At least some of them. How do we undo this? I can’t use “undo receipt” (items is sold). I thought I could use Return Orders, but I can’t get this to work because I can’t get “purchase order” as a choice in Applies-to Doc. Type (and can’t fill out Applies-to Doc. No). My only suggestion to my customer is to invoice the receipt and then credit the whole thing. Any of you guys have a more elegant solutiuon? Regards, Thomas Jensen Norway.

Hi Jenson What was wrong with the PO? Your suggestions at your stage is probably the best from the information given.

Hi. It is the vendor no that is wrong. Is there no way to change this once you have posted the PO? Regards, Thomas.

Hi Thomas There are a few complications changing the vendor number once the entry is posted. Have a look at these postings for more information on this: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12034 http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=11380 (kind of discussed)

It’s probably the best if you credit the whole thing then re-enter it. This way, all the reports will be consistent with the actual documents.

Hi guys. Thanks for your reply. I agree, we will credit the wrongs PO’s. I think MBS - Navision shold offer stuff like this. It will make everything more user friendly. As far as I can understand, we are talking about a little coding right? Anybody know if 4.0 offer something like this? Regards, Thomas.

Hi Thomas You have the unapply and reverse transaction functionality but restrictions to the type of transaction are naturally here, I believe teh unapply is for payments etc and the recverse is for journal transactions only, so neither will directly affect a purchase order that is processed incorrectly against a vendor.