Undo receipt - Subcontract

Hi experts,

I send some Items to Subcontractor for service. After some days i received some items and Received that items (Not invoiced).

I found we done wrong posting that means Item Number different. So i gone to the posted purchase receipt . Then select the UNDO Receipt.

But it is not supporting to do that undo receipt.

Why it is not supporting for undo receipt when i receive the items from subcontractor.

It is working for general purchases.

Please give any solution to do undo receipt for Subcontract receipts.

thanks and regards

There is no “undo” for the subcontract purchase order as you are not purchasing an item, you are purchasing a service. Undo functionality only works on items, not general ledger lines or item charge lines or in the instance of subcontract purchase orders. You will need to modify the system to do this. I believe this has been discussed several times on this forum or mibuso, so you could search and see.

Aha I see what you mean (noname) [:D]