Undo Purchase Receipt

I’m facing problem while undoing purchase receipt. Here is the scenario: a receipt for a purchase order was posted and inventory was transferred to other location without invoicing. There was a need to cancel the order, hence the item was re-transferred to the original location. Now when I try to undo receipt, I get the error: Remaining quantity must be ‘XX’ in Item Ledger Entry: Entry No.=‘XXX’, Current Value is 0.

How can this be solved?

How you are undoing receipt ???

Are you using standard NAV functionality ??

You cannot do the undo receipt , cause the remaining qty is zero for that particular item ledger entry.

How have you re- transfer the qty ?

Manish, Yes the qty has been re-transferred to the same location.

but how have you transferred the item.

IF You have transferred the quantity of original receipt then you can not use the undo receipt function of Navision as system looks for remaining quantity on ledger for particular receipt

You need to re transfer the material again in original location and you need to create manual return order.

Amol, since the order has not been invoiced making return order is not practical. What i mean is if there is any way to use Application Worksheet to correct this issue.

Why you want undo receipt ? What is reason ??

You only want to undo receipt is to get the quantity back on the order.

  1. If possible you can post a negative entry from item journal.

  2. Short close the PO & create a new PO.