Undo Partially Invoiced Shipment

Dear Friends & Gurus, We have a Problem in undoing a shipment for sales as Material has been shipped for 100 Qty & only 50 was invoiced. Now if we try to undo the shipment, system disallow to do so as there is invoice existing on the shipment. I tried to have a return order did the following steps on return order as Functions- Get Posted Document Lines to reverse- Posted shipments- Selected the Proper line of Shipment and Posted it, My Stock incresed with correct quantity Are these the Complete steps to return the partial shipment in my case? What may the finacial Implication on the Senario? Please guide.

These are one of the ways of correctly doing this.

Financially you need to invoice the 50, also process teh credit for the 50 from the return and apply them to each other. You also need to consider costing implications based upon your costing method and whether exact cost reversing is in place.