Undo Apply Entries

Hi can anybody explain how can i undo the wrong apply entries for the INvoices with payments? Iam facing this problem, because my users did wrong knock off. Any way can i rectify? br Mahesh K

Sorry, impossible to undo…

Hi Markus. You know that it is possible with the correct license ?

Hello, It is possible, if you have a Solution Developer licence to try to edit the data in such protected tables, but highly inadvisable [xx(]. In this case you should just post a new corrective entry to correct the balance. I wish I had £5 for every time I have had to tidy up after some other “smart ass” consultant had decided to show off to a customer how clever they were by editing the data in a security protected table, rather than just simply posting a corrective journal - Then I could be sunning myself on a yacht in the Bahamas somewhere…At least it doesn’t happen where I am now![:)]

http://www.simcrest.com/simcrest1/SimCrestproducttemplate1.asp?ProductID=Void%20Pay has a nice product for this

I want to know if the Application Logic of navision is COrrect. Some times I can get a payment applied to a Credit memo.

Hi Edward, How to post a corrective entry? Becoz the invoice is already calculated unrealized amount, and after apply the amount, this amount is posted in realized account. If we want to pass a journal (or credit memo) we have to bring back all the amount which is posted in unrealized/realized accounts. If we want to pass a journal voicher the system is consdering amount & amount (lcy). For unrealized and realized the amount column will be zero which we can not post in the journal. If we pass a journal like that the amount coloumn will give wrong figure. This is my problem. Can u suggest for me a best way? Thanks. Mr Prashanth, Which logic u r asking about? Apply entries with the payments againet invoice? Invoice can be knock off with payments or credit memo depends on the transaction. Mr HR, I gone through the demo given in u r site. Its simply says the same currency knock off. If i have multi currency knock off, how to void the transaction. Becoz we have to consider unrealized and realized amounts. How? Thanks for all for u r postings Mahesh K