underlying form table

Hi! I know this sounds quite silly, but… how can I quickly identify the underlying table to which belongs a specific form (on design view)? Example: Service quote granule is made of form 5964 (service quote form) and sub-form 5965. The point is that sometimes it’s quite easy to identify it, but not always. Cheers, Arr.

When you have a Form open in the Form Designer, go to the View menu, choose Properties. On the “Form - Properties” window which opens up, look for the SourceTable Property. Is this the information you are looking for? Newer versions will allow you to do SHIFT+F4 in order to open the “Form - Properties” window.

Or you can Zoom the record by pushing Ctrl+F8 and on the top of zoom form you will see the caption of the table.

That was a silly question… I know! I’ve really appreciated your tips! Cheers, Arr.