Underline control


I want to underline a control based on condition in a form , when it is executed to open.

for example : i want to underline emplid in Employee form

any idea ??

Hi Manish,

For using Underline you have write the Following code where ever you need…


Make sure AutoDecleration Yes for Emplid Control in Design Part

HI Saadullah,

thx for reply,

But where do i apply emplid.underline(true); , so that when form open based on some condition it will underlne or not underline emplid

pls help

what is the condition? i mean at the time of opening the form or at the time of editing a record…

tell us the condition so that we can suggest where to write the code?

Thanks to both of you for taking interest on this topic.

Well, i wrote a private method on the datasource and called it on Active , thus find solution