Underdelivery of line is 86.67 percent, but the allowed underdelivery is only 0.00 percent.

I have one PO and i need to invoice but its showing error

Under delivery of line is 86.67 percent, but the allowed under-delivery is only 0.00 percent.

i have checked Procurement & sourcing → Setup → Procurement & sourcing parameters → Updates → Accept and license configuration. - trade over\under delivery also is enabled

but still showing its above error
please suggest me

thanks advance

What is the under delivery % on the PO line? You are processing an invoice, are you sure you are doing this correctly, are you matching it to a receipt because it sounds to me as though you are invoicing the entire line but have not received it all. e

Dear Raj,

AdamRoue is right. 1st check what he advise if it is correct then open purchase order goto line details in Delivery tab set overdelivery / underdelivery 100 and try.


Farrukh Pasha