Uncheck other checkbox if check one check box on table method

Hey! How should I write the code on the modifiedField method on the table so that a check box is unchecked when another is checked?
When I check a checkbox in the DefaultValue field, the others must be unchecked. In the end, I must be able to have only one checked value per column. It is about the same field and not about different fields.
The name of the field is DefaultValue (checkbox) and it is an Enum of type NoYes and the table is PI_MarketingCategory

If you want to have a set of mutually exclusive values, using several NoYes fields sounds like a strange design to me. Why exactly don’t you want to have a single field where you select the active value? You can use a radio button to visualize it.
Note that I have no idea what you mean by “It is about the same field and not about different fields”, because your previoys statement clearly talks about other checkboxes, not just a single one.

For reference, I see that the same question is also discussed in a different forum.