Unbalanced ttscommit error in DIXF


I’m trying to import data in Route entity without customisation in it. And I set Route ID as Auto in mapping details. I’m able to preview my data, after importing in staging everytime I’m getting unbalanced ttscommit error. If I hardcode numberseq value in csv for routeId field it is working perfect. Kindly help me on this.

Kindly see this link for more details


Have you tried to debug?
Try adding the break point in below methods and debug,


refer below link it may help full for you


yes, During debugging it is executing correctly by generating numberseq for routeId field and I am able to see that numberseq value in staging form. When I click somewhere or follow further steps ttscommit error box is showing…

While debugging you need to check carefully the tts blocks (tts levels) and find the part of code that is causing the tts imbalance.