Unapply Vendor Entries

Hi folks,
My client is having an issue when they try to run the “unapply” process on the vendor ledger entries with the message "The Currency already exists. Identification fields and values:
I have tried debugging without any success and I want to find out if anyone has experienced this before. They are running on NAV 2016.! Unapply|336x500

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Thanks Jacob I am highly honored.

I’ve seen many issues when a currency code is used when its not needed. Short answer is that if you start using currency codes, you need to use them practically all the time. Whenever transactions are made in the company’s currency, you do not need to identify the currency code. If fact, I usually recommend removing the base currency from the list. If you enter a vendor with a currency, then all the transactions for that vendor also need t use the currency code. So, purchase orders and invoices, and payments will need to use the currency code. This is why I usually omit it unless the vendor uses something different. It adds more work than help.

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