Unable to use correctly purchase return order

Hi all! I have some items that are serialised. Let say I purchase them and after I want to use the purchase return to my supplier because some of them are damage. This is what happen in Nav4: - I create a PO with 20 units ( sn1, sn2…sn20) - I posted them as received and invoiced— My inv is updated with 20 units; item ledgers entries has been filled. - I create a Purchase return order with 5 units that must be sent back to the vendor ( sn1,…sn5) 1. When i try pick 5 units in my inv from … item tracking summary, that screen is blank, why??? I know that I have some items there. 2. Ok let say I manually insert those 5 units and when i try to post the order as shipped, i have this message " Item tracking serial no SN1 lot no for item no SNITEM ( which is my item number) variant cannot be fully applied" and when i try to use the “apply to item entry field” on the purchase return line, nothing is there. (the item ledger entries has nothing there which is wrong) So what am I doing wrong? Is it a bug in Nav4 when using serial numbers??? Thanks "

This process works fine in version 4.0 Your bin or location on the purchase return order is not looking at where teh current 10 in stock are.

TRUE. In fact my serial nos are looking in the location “”. [:o] Thanks Steven again simple and clear response