Unable to upload license to SQL Server Database NAV4SP3


Recently have received a license file for a client and now at rollout stage would like to save the .flf file into the database to prevent users from manually setting it, or even having to shortcut to it, etc. So we select this Save License to Database checkbox and dialog comes up, we pick the license file and an error comes up saying that

  • You do not have permissions to perform “License for DB”. Ask your administrator about permission settings. (message translated maybe not word to word, from Russian version of NAV).

User under which we attempt to do it happens to be SQL Server System Administrator and also in Administrators group of the server, so permissions wise it should be okay… additionally in Nav itself this user is declared as SUPER role.

License file itself does indicate having the SQL Server Option granule, which we specifically asked for when placing the order.

Has anyone else come across such a problem? Does it look like the license file issue or perhaps something I’m missing in trying to upload it?

Thank you!

That is not a problem, it is the way that it works. The default is that the NAV license is stored in the Master database, and is used for all NAV databases on the SQL Server. The option to be able to store the license in the database is a granule that you have to purchase, it has nothing to do with the user’s security level.

try to upload the license by logging to navision with sa user id.

Before you do that, make sure you uncheck the ‘Save license in database’ field on the Integration tab of the Alter Database form.