Unable to update Customer Card (Salesperson code field)

i have a dataport that takes in 3 field:

1.customer code,
2.old salesperson code,
3.new salesperson code

Its suppose to functions as find the customer code, replace the new salesperson from csv file.

-My csv files have 2 record for testing purposes, all data
(customer code, old salesperson code, new salesperson code )in the csv files are valid data

-My Data Field for dataport as follows:


AutoSave =
AutoUpdate = YES

Without using the commit code at the end of my code, it can’t modified the necessary records.



my salesperson code i tried both using validation and direct assignment but it doesnt works
cust.“salesperson code” := NewSMCode;
cust.VALIDATE(“salesperson code” := NewSMCode);
PS: There isnt any coding inside Customer table, salesperson code.VALIDATE

typo error in above reply…the validation code ought to be

cust.VALIDATE(“salesperson code” , NewSMCode); instead… the coding inside my dataport is with comma instead of equal sign…

it seems like import & excel management cannot co-exists.

why are you using the old Sp code as that is not required while import use only customer code and new sp code… it will any way modify the values automatically

also use field “sales person code” instead of new sp code variable and then modifying it on after importing the record.

use auto update Yes and auto save yes… and your auto replace shud be no…

Try this as this will save your time and effort.