Unable to set Bank facility withing Letter of Credit

Here is my issue:

I would like to select a Bank facility agreement from Bank facility agreements list in a Letter of Credit but, even after setting the Bank facility agreement needed, the latter one is not showing up in the drop down list.

We suspect this happens because the Bank facility agreement and the vendor’s currency are not the same.

Regardless of our assumption, what are conditions and requirements to make the Bank facility agreement show up in the choice list? (Even if it’s currency is different than the vendor)

We are facing a similar issue. Our Purchase Order for imports are created in GBP but our bank accounts / LCs are opened in our local currency. Thus, when I try to select the LC after creating the PO, nothing appears in the drop down list.

I tested this by opening a new bank account and LC in GBP. The PO in GBP then showed the LC in GBP currency only. So I am sure its due to the difference in the PO currency and the LC currency.

Does some one know a solution to this?

Rafay Anis

Functional Consultant

Systems Limited