Unable to see New Company in Navision 2.50

Hi Forum,

has anyone experienced this problem before. One of my clients is still using version 2.50 and required a new company setup which I did, however one user cannot see this new company. I asked them to renamee the fin.zup file and try logging on again but the user could see nothing at all so the fin.zup was reinstated. So my question is, has anyone experienced this before where a user cannot see the new company whereas the rest can. Its not a licence issue as they are allowed 4 companies. Thanks…Paul

Hi Paul

It is not the security setting where they only have access to one company is it? Tools - Security - Users - Groups then the company setting.

Hi Steve, good to hear from you. I hadnt thought of that but I have just Citrix’d in and her security is setup up for the new company. However as they are in the States I wont know until I ring them this afternoon if there is still a problem or not. I will let you know.

Thanks for the help mate [:)]

No problem, I hope you sort it, I have not come across it but it is 2.5 [:)]

Hi Steve, it was a corrupt zup file. Got them to rename it and then do File, Database, Open and alls ok now. Also go them to put an ID= xxxxxx on end so each user has an individual zup file.

Paul [:D]