Unable to print PO lines using AX 2009 VPC

I’m running an AX2009 VPC and for the life of me can’t figure out how to print PO lines. Is this a known issue?


(1) purchas order details form - create a new PO

(2) I’m adding several lines and attaching external notes through document handling

(3) If I do a pro-forma or just post and print the PO the lines that I created do not show on the printed source doucment.


See your form setup in AP - Setup - Forms - Purchase Order Tab - Note Group…

Do you get a message or a blank report?

What type of PO document are you creating?

Thanks following making changes in AP - Setup - Forms resolved my issue

Hi Kranthi!

In AP-Setup-Forms I can choose between “Form notes”, “Form setup”, “Form sorting”. When choosing “Form setup” and tab Purchase Order I dont find anything about “Note Group”. What is the correct setup in the Form/Purchase Order tab??

TNX / Ronny