Unable to post invoice ,cursor is coming to createparmUpate() and System hangs

Compiled SalesFormLetter and SalesFormletter_Invoice.

Project->Invoice Proposal->post invoice

After this cursor goes to SalesFormLetter.createparmUpate() and system hangs.

Below i have mentioned respective vales after each line while debugging.

salesParmUpdate.ParmId = this.parmId(); ///…""

salesParmUpdate.DocumentStatus = this.documentStatus(); //…None

salesParmUpdate.CheckCreditMax = this.checkCreditMaxInit(); //…None

salesParmUpdate.Storno = CustParameters::find().CreditError; //…No

salesParmUpdate.LateSelection = NoYes::No; //…No

salesParmUpdate.LateSelectionQuery = connull(); //…System hangs

Have you done any changes to the salesFormLetter* classes? try by doing a forward compile…

Even i tried to do that but it’s not there.SalesFormLetter->Addin->?

After that LateSelectionQuery piece of code i commented but it was not saved because of license problem.

Do you think Compile Forwad option is missed out because of license problem ?

Yes you need X++ source code license for a compile forward.