Unable to Post Bank Payment Vouchers

Hi all,

I am new to the product and am trying to post a Bank Payment Voucher but the system fives the following error

"Account No.is not defined as bank account for the Voucher Sub Type Bank Payment Book and

Document No.."

I thought that the problem will be with the Bank Account Setup and looked for the Bank Card and COA mapping, but every setup is absolutely right.

Please guide.

If message reads:

then there IS something wrong - maybe setup(s) you checked are “absolutely right”, BUT you are trying to use none of these “absolutely right” account nos, but some other.
Seemingly you are using IN localisation, I can’t give you exact instructions, but check once more, as message clearly says that account in question is NOT set up as required.

Goto Warehouse → Setup-> Locations.

On the Location card, dow button Location, click voucher No. series, on this window, enter record for Bank Payment voucher and the no. series that you want to use.

Then Voucher → Account, here enter record Account Type and Account No. This Account o. must be the same account no. to which you tries to post the bank payment voucher.

@Modris, yes this in IN loc.

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hi, you can find all US bank locations, addresses, telephone numbers and more details here. Check out the below link

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