Unable to post Assembly Order with a resource line when Location Mandatory is selected in Inventory Setup

We have a client using NAV2013 who has “Location Mandatory” checked in their Inventory Setup. When they try to post an Assembly Order that has a Resource on any of the Assembly Order lines, they receive an error message indicating “Location Code must have a value…”. Whenever they attempt to add a Location Code to the line, they receive an error that states “Type must be equal to “Item”…”

We have replicated the issue with our test company and have found that when “Location Mandatory” is unchecked in Inventory Setup, the Assembly Order posts without any errors. We have reviewed all of the released MS Dynamics NAV 2013 hotfixes and do not see any which apply to this issue.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any helpful information?



Got the same issue.

Did you get a solution from MS?

I took the following from a post I found on the Microsoft Partner’s forums:

"Thank you for raising this query on the forum. The error is indeed a known issue and recently been reported and fixed by development.

It is triggered when using location mandatory and a resource on the assembly order line.

To forward you the solution, can I ask you to open a support incident? As a knowledge base article has not been released yet, we can only forward the solution through a support incident. On raising the incident please reference ID 342055. It will be free of charge as it relates to a hotfix.

I will also notify my NA colleagues that they might get a support incident from you to share this solution.

Thank you in advance and any further questions please let me know."

For anyone still experiencing this issue, I would recommend starting a support ticket with Microsoft. It only took a few days to receive the hotfix for this and other known NAV 2013 Assembly issues. We have applied the hotfixes and are pleased with the results.

I created a location with the following settings: require bin, require shipment and receive, require put-away and pick.

I created an item with assembly BOM (resources on it as well).

I opened up a new sales order with assembly item on it, assembly-to-order policy.

What is the right sequence to post sales since I’ve seen in code that assembly order can not be posted directly when assembly to order field is set to YES ?

Thanks in advance.

Just as a hint: If assembly is designated as aseembly-to-order, all the postings are performed throught respective sales order, which is a Standard workflow. The Problem may be if the user deletes quantity to assembly in sales order, then the assembly order and sales order link is broken…