Unable to post a Product receipt from a PO


Does someone has finally found an answer for this issue " The transactions on voucher do not balance as per 4/3/2014. (accounting currency: 10,000.00 - reporting currency: 10,000.00)" . I’m trying to post a product receipt . I checked all postings and there is no exchange involved here. Thanks

under GL>Parameters, did you enable “Use posting definitions”

Sorry, pls ignore by previous comment. As you are posting product receipt there could be no impact because of"posting definitions"

you need to check Inventory Posting profile. Product Receipt account / product receipt offset account may miss

Inventory and Warehouse Management > Setup > Postings > Postings > Purchase Order Tab…

Agree with Mohit, sometimes the basic setups might have been missed out. Check your Accounts payable>“posting profile” also.

Hi guys, you were right. My posting profile was not correct Thanks