Unable to open Purchase Line through ODBC

Please help me to open Purchase Line table through ODBC connection.

it gives error like " too many columns …"

thanks much bhaskar

When using ODBC it’s always a good idea to test your connection with Excel’s Query tool. Did you try that first?

And are you using NODBC or the SQL ODBC driver?

Sorry Mr.Erik

we got same error from excel query tool when we select on “Purchsae_Line” Table.

The error is given below.

“Too many columns. Some columns are omited.
Non unique column reference:SHE_Cess_PCT.”

Thanks much

Hi Bhaskar,

Can you please post the exact query you’re using?

bhaskar, did you find a solution for this problem?

I experience a similar problem running the query:

select * from Job

Thanks, Reef