unable to open native database with some error occured

Some Detail Information :

Database Size : 2 GB

Database Type : FDB Extension ( .fdb ) as known as Native NAV Database

This happen when i try to open native database with detail information

Error occured with "Other Concurrecnt Activities have reused the avaliable space in the database that contained your snapshot of data. This can occur in connection with time-consuming tasks such as printing or making backups. Wait until there are fewer concurrent updates of database and try again. if this occurs often, you should create more available space in the database you can create more space in the database by:

* Expanding the database

* Deleting uneccessary data

* Date compressing older, non-current entries

* optimizing database

Tentative text with BOLD format, it cannot be done ( because the database cannot be opened )

Need to be Adviced…

Are you opening that database running as a service or are you opening it directly?

The database needs a certain amount of space to write data when you login, it sounds like it doesn’t have that space avaliable.

Do you have a backup of the database you can restore?