Unable to obtain license from MS

[:’(] Just venting really.

Apparently Microsoft broke the licensing system that they use to generate NAV licenses. We have been waiting 4 weeks for a new license and there is no ETA on when it will be fixed. Our partner receives daily follow-up emails that say something like: thanks waiting, keep waiting until we get our licensing software fixed.

We have heard through unofficial channels that it is possible for Microsoft to manually generate the license during this “outage” but I have been unable to find anyone inside MS that will confirm this, let alone do it.

This 2 week upgrade has now turned in to 2 months. Frustrating. [:@]

You lucky, I’ve been waiting 3 MONTHS to get a license updated, and I am still waiting.


Hi Jacci and welcome to forum…

Are you really sure MS is in charge for your problem? Their FY ends in June 30th, not calendar year, so changes in licensing we may expect at that time, as well as problems with issuing them.

In “good old” pre-MS days --when Navision wasn’t bought by MS-- country/regional centres were authorized to generate licenses, then it took minutes to get a new license over email - in case all payments were made… Maybe your payment has been stuck at Partner? …

We have seen copies of the the emails from a Judy @ Microsoft to our partner. We are pretty sure microsoft is the hold up we are just trying to get a refresh for an upgrade not a new license.