"Unable to log on to Microsoft Dynamics AX" while opening any report in AX 2012


While trying to open a SSRS Report, I encountered an error : “Unable to log on to Microsoft Dynamics AX”.

The log in the event viewer said the following :

  • an error has occured during report processing (rsProcessingAborted).

  • An error has occured in the services framework. Method : AifMessageInspector:AfterReceiveRequest. error : System.ServiceModel.FaultException : Failed to logon to Microsoft Dynamics AX

Any ideas to solve this error?

I have done following steps then also no results:

1.WCF Refresh

2.Security setup

3.Permission on report server

4.Login in Business connector is correct.

just suggest me if any other solution is there…


My search engine found many similar threads, such as this one. Have you verified that the answers are not applicable to your problem?


actually that issue is resolved now but after that when i am going to open any report just layout is coming but data is not there.

like if i am opening PO confirmation report

Then only layput of the report is coming .no lines is there and no header as well…

Any suggestions please.


Again, look at an existing thread about the same problem. If is doesn’t help, give us as much information as possible about your system, about how you verified your SSRS setup (e.g. whether it points to the right AX instance), security setup and so on.

Asking exactly the same question again and again and just waiting is useless. Making some effort and updating the question with more information may help you to get an answer.