"Unable to Log on to Microsoft Dynamics Ax" error message displayed while generating SSRS reports in Ax 2012

Hi All,

I am facing one typical issue in SSRS report generation in Ax 2012. SSRS report is getting generated only for the user

id which I have mapped in system service account and in reporting server- Execution account and service account.

For other user its showing “Unable to log on to Microsoft Dynamics Ax”

For Example if there are three users A,B,C

“A” user can generate the SSRS report if he sets the system service account in Ax application and Execution account and service account in report server to his id.

B & C users getting error “Unable to log on to Microsoft Dynamics Ax”

This scenario started happening after new installtion of report server.

Please help me out in fixing this issue.

Thanks in Advance.

Dear Karthik,

IS B & C users are having the permission in the report server or not ?

If Not go to open Report server in the browser ->click on “Microsoft Dynamics” folder and go to security add B & C user here .

Hi Stacky,

Thanks for your reply.

I have given full rights to report server for all the three users.

Moreover if I Chage the exceution account and system service account to user B,report is getting generated for B, but not for A and C.

can you use any other domain account except these three users.

No issue remain same for all users.

No,issue remain same for all users

Any update how to fix it.


Please check whether the user has access to the Report URL (where the reports had been deployed).

Hope it help you.




Check whether the users are having access the Report URL (where the reports had been deployed).

If not add them, it will work.



Hi Kumaran,

Thanks for your reply,I have given full access to report folder where reports got deployed.But still the issue exists.

If I set execution account and service account to user specified in System service account in Ax application.It is working fine for the particular user,for rest users its not generating.


don’t use ax user account in the report configuration. Use business proxy account then it must work.

step1-> create new user names as “businessproxy” in the active directory

password should not expire

user cant’ able to change his password.

step 2 →

go to ax system administration ->setup->system->system service accounts

Here give the business connector proxy as “businessproxy”.

step3-> go to report server configuration ->give the service account and execution account as “businessproxy”

Now login with any other user and check the reports.

Hi Stacky,

Thanks for the reply.After setting system service account to business proxy user,report is not getting generated for any users and its throwing error message"Target principal Name is In correct".

Please look into the below link…


Hi Stacky,

I have registered and deployed the BI services Group,but still it showing Target Principal Name is in correct

Hi Stacky,

Issue has been resolved.Problem is after setting the business proxy account,new configuration file need to be saved in report server folder.

I have resolved the issue with help of below given links



Thanks for your help!!!