Unable to log on to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 while opening a SSRS report


While trying to open a SSRS Report, I encountered an error : “Unable to log on to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012”.

The log in the event viewer said the following :

  • an error has occured during report processing (rsProcessingAborted).

  • An error has occured in the services framework. Method : AifMessageInspector:AfterReceiveRequest. error : System.ServiceModel.FaultException : Failed to logon to Microsoft Dynamics AX

Any ideas to solve this error?

Try following Possible Solutions:
your reporting server config needs to be checked properly. choose the default report server DB from configuration and check the logon criteria there. also you need to check correct report server config from AX admin module.
Validate the settings on reporting services configuration manager.
check the domain user has proper user groups in active directory also in AX system user roles should be assigned

please ensure that the account you are using to open the ssrs report has sufficient permission to log on dynamics ax

Is the ax client running on that machine???

Check that user exists in AX and also it has sufficient permissions to view the report.