Unable to have Costs estimation or References for production orders during explosion

Hi al,

I have a problem and I dont know if it;s a setup issue or a bug maybe someone can help. The problem is: few production orders are not get estimated.

So let say i create a sales order and then I run explosion from sales order. System creates planned work orders: 1 transfer order and one production order for the sub level.

I firm the planned order for the parent item and I leave the option “update marking = standard” ==> the production order is scheduled then get estimated which is great!!

Then from the parent production order, I slect Explosion and click reread & update select Explosion, click Reread & Update, I have the explosion but No estimation of the work order.

However if i do the same scenario with update marking = No, I have price estimation but I lose all my reference for the parent production order.

My question: what is wrong here? How can I have production estimation with references of the parent item when doing explosion of the subcomponent??

There are numerous issues with the explosion from the works order and sales order and the re-read/update options and the flag within it. You would need to report your specific scenario and build etc. to Microsoft to see if there is a hotfix for your requirement. In addition I have found with certain versions if you have altered the parameter for status updates to remove statuses you do not need and you jump a step then it will not back calculate to the explosion. Try ticking all statuses and loading a new order and trying again, but even this could impact on the explosion options. Also the explosion is a need, whilst the estimation is a step and status - the explosion will not directly create an estimation of an order.

Thanks Adam. I guess I’ll contact Microsoft because it’s very difficult now to have correct prices on jobs.