unable to get Dialog in the report

Hi expert,

I Want dialog on the report ,(From date ,Todate )

I tried This code but i not getting Dialog …

public class ReportRun extends ObjectRun


TransDate startDate;

TransDate endDate;

dialogField fieldStartDate;

dialogField fieldEndDate;


public Object dialog(Object _dialog)


DialogRunbase dialog = _dialog;


dialog.addGroup(“Inventory status”);

//Object ret;

fieldStartDate = dialog.addFieldValue(typeid(TransDate),startDate, “StartDate”, “Enter startDate”);

fieldEndDate = dialog.addFieldValue(typeid(TransDate),endDate, “EndDate”, “Enter EndDate”);

//ret = super(_dialog);

return dialog;


boolean getFromDialog()



startDate = fieldStartDate.value();

endDate = fieldEndDate.value();

return true;


please help on this … Is there any need to write any logic or i need to create any methods here … ?

How do you open the report? Did you try to debug it?

What did you mean by marking my question as the verified answer?

Hi martin ,

i debug the code and i add menuItem for that … Now it is showing Dialog in the reports