unable to get cronus company

Hi experts,

i have opened the database.fdb from file open

and when i tried to open a company i cant see the cronus database.

how to get that company pz give me some idea

Check Table No. 2000000006 Company

do u find some thing in it?

If not some one have deleted the company , take the fresh datbase from the CD.

u r rite bharatwaj there is nothing in that now how to take only database from cd unable to find that plz help me

nav 2009

Browse the CD

follow this

FOr SQL(.MDF):SQLDemoDatabase\PFiles\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Database

FOR FDB: CsideClient\CommonAppData\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Database

Thank u bharatwaj thank u very much for ur patience

i think U dont remember but this is second critical solution u gave me

Thank u and keep encouraging with ur posts

one more small doubt bharat if i create one more database for my client how to get the cronus company also in that

Hi veda vyas

yes i remember

For creating new database

Follow this :

Open Navision & then

File-> database → new

or you can simply create a new company in the same database if you want cronus also to be there using the file ->company → new. (setup needs to be done in new company)