Unable to filter on Item Ledger Entry Table

I faced a problem in the Item Ledger entry.I ran the table Item Ledger Entry form and set filter one by one on "item(e.g. AB)"," Posting date range", "Entry type=SALE " & the records are shown. But now including the above when i set filter on the Source No =<>MIT then its not working and all Customers MIT001,MIT002 etc are shown. Source No =MIT* is working fine --Can anyone suggest where is the problem?

Which Database are you using? Try <MIT001|>MIT999

Hi The filter <>MIT* simply doesn’t work. The only way I can come up with is to: 1. Set your filters, "item(e.g. AB)"," Posting date range", "Entry type=SALE " 2. Mark all the records in the list (ctrl+a, ctrl+F1) 3. Filter Source No =MIT 4. Remove all marks from the list. 5. Remove the filter on Source No. 6. Filter the list on Marked only. Longwinded way but does the trick… Stefan

Hi, Actually i am running a report with Item as dtaitem and item ledger entry as the next (indented) now when placing the filter in Customer Filter in item this is not passed to the ILE as <>MIT*

Try to filter source code with <MIT000|>MIT999

I found filter <>MIT* simple doesn’t work. can anyone explain why navision don’t use this.

The Navision Server engine cannot handle this - simply; this does work on the SQL version however, from 3.70. Sorry that doesnt help you.

I read somewhere that version 4, SP1 do handle this problem - Navision will do an exact match on the wildcard-character before using it as a wildcard.

The <> does not handle wildcards. Haven’t tested this out in 4.0 SP1

4.0 SP1 still cannot use <> with a wildcard on Navision Server. The exact match thing was an optimization for the SQL version, where c/side does lookups first based on an exact match of values (which is fast in SQL) and if a value is not found thereafter using wildcards and case/accent insensitivity. It was essentially a bug fix.