unable to filter department in dail attendance

Hi , I have some problems Scenario 1: When i click on the “Daily Attendance” granule of the HR module it will list out all the employees. When i want to filter these records, Department Wise i am not getting any results. I also cross checked that, there were couple of records in Employee Card, attached to the above mentioned department. Scenario 2: In the same form (i.e. Daily Attendance form), the sub-form contains the “Department code” lookup field, but when I click on that field it gives the following error, “TableDate 11 does not exists” Please reply ASAP since we are in the implementation stage & it’s very crucial. Thanks in advance, Regards, Vikas

Which version are you using? Looks like for Scenario 2, the field on the form is still using old table(11) for lookup. Link it to dimension value table.