Unable to display page number in body while using SSRS 2008

Report name : Picking list report.

I am unable to print page number according to the group in the body of the report.

I am facing the following problems ,

  1. SSRS 2008 doesn’t have “Reset page number”,so i am unable to use that option.

2.Code for the page number in body is not working in RDL when it is connected with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

I have tried all the available option from the internet , but i am unable to achieve the target.



For reference, a duplicate of this question on another forum is already marked as answered, so this thread should be closed as well.

Let me quote the verified answer:

AX2012-SSRS reports don’t not allow you to use VB code, as you can do in native-SSRS.

Thus displaying page number in body is not doable.

I would add that you still can write custom logic in C# and you can do a plenty of things there. I used by myself before to reset page number on a specific element in report.