Unable to delete tracking lines in SQL but OK using Native

The client are using SQL, Nav 4
I have a copy (from today) running native.

I have a sales line with tracking entries.
I can delete and then re-insert the tracking lines using the client’s licence with no problems.

They get the message Delete Yes/No, select Yes and nothing is deleted.

Anyone any idea why they are not able to delete the lines?


Could you trace the deletion - the attempt - with the NAV debugger and the SQL Profiler? Any Code which could cause the problem? Any strange Query?

It seems like there is a bug in version 4 if you select a tracking line marking the entire line by clicking in the left of the line.

Instead click F4 standing in any field on the tracking line (without marking it first).

If also works selecting all lines in the top corner and then F4

I did get them to select all the lines by that method, (Ctrl/A) does the same thing.

The plot thickens, User A, logged in as “sa” could not commit the delete.
User B, logged in as “sa” could.

So, the lines have now been deleted but the question remains as to what the heck is going on?

The problem in this case is that the lines been displayed are TEMPORARY records.

There is an inconsistency (difference) between deleting lines in temporary tables using a form when:

  • One or More lines are marked and Del key is pressed
  • One or More lines are marked and F4 key is pressed
  • No line is marked and F4key is pressed

Do not ask under what circumstances it deletes and under which it does not. But I have the same issue with ALL temporary tables displayed in a form.

I consider this being a bug in the FIN.EXE and FINSQL.EXE ( in fact it is not a matter of SQL or Native because it concerns ALL temporary tables displayed using forms.

Do you have it only with 4.00 or also with some 4.00SPn?