Unable to delete Saved Views in NAV 2009 RTC.

Hi All,

I have a user who has created some Saved Views - and saved them more than once - so he now has 3 of the same view in his RTC.

Problem is I dont seem to be able to delete any of his saved views. I have tried the following:

1). Right click the offending view, select Customise This Navigation Pane, select the offending view and select “Remove.”

2). Repeat the above process but instead of selecting “Remove” I select “Restore Defaults.”

3). Delete the users Personalisation from %AppData%\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Nothing seems to get rid of these things.

Can any of you suggest anything else I can try? Google has not been much help on this and there doesnt seem to be any other questions similar to this.

Many thanks in advance.

Try to delete the views with Administrator user id

Hi Amol,

Thanks for the reply, although I am afraid I am not fully understanding what you are suggesting. Obviously as this is RTC if I logged in as Administrator User I dont get the issue - the Saved Views are against the specific user with the problem, they are not replicated on the Administrator User RTC.

Am I missing something? Apologies if I am misunderstanding the obvious.

Hi Dave,

Have you tried going to Departments > Administration > IT Administration > Data Deletion > Configuration and Personalization > Delete User Personalization or Delete Profile Configuration? I’m not sure if this would apply to your situation, but worth a try.


You need to check the permissions to the user. Try to login with same user id and delete the views.

It working perfectly on my machine

Hi Dave,

Sorry for the late reply. Even if you already have found a solution, then I would still like that we get the solution posted here. If my suggested solution is not correct, then please be welcomed to post the correct solution. Thank you.

First of all, did you try Rob’s suggestion? Did this help?

If not, then I think that problem might be that the view is not created as a normal personalization. Instead it has been created as part of the users specific Role Center profile. This way the view can also only be removed while in configuration mode of that role center. I made a detailed description on how to configure role center profiles in this post.