Unable to delete a table

Hi everyone,
I am trying to delete a table and getting the following error message:

The XXX table contains a field that has a SQL Server data type that cannot be manipulated by Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic within the current activity:

Field: Date PV | BI
SQL Type: ?

What shall I do?
If I try to delete it from SQL Server, would it affect the stability of the system?
Thanks in advance ![:)](http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif)

If table is deleted directly in MSSQL, Navision does not “notice” it, it still will be present in Object Manager.

It should be a custom table, and looks like the field is of many date or datetime types supported by MSSQL, but not by Navision, as the msg says.

What you can try:

  1. check in Object Manager the NAV data type for the field in question, and if it is DATE as it looks from your post then
  2. check in SSMS the field in question (as the table is no longer needed, you can experiment, but even in such case I would recommend to try first in non-production DB), and change the SQL field type to DATETIME, if there is something else.

After that you should be able to delete the table from Object Manager. (do NOT delete it from SSMS !!).

General idea here is to match the SQL datatype against Navision dataype, as vice versa you will not be allowed, you’ll get the same msg as when trying to delete the table completely.


I forgot to mention an important issue: if you have more than one Company in your DB, you must change datatype in ALL companies in SQL, so all the tables are in sync! (As you may know, each Company has it’s own table set in SQL DB, unless some table(s) are not defined as common to all companies)